Fabulous – your place is confirmed!  I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned in conducting over 100 one-on-one LinkedIn strategy sessions. I’ll be going deeper than we’ve ever gone before to discuss:

  • Understanding whether LinkedIn is right for you and worth your time vs. other social media platforms;
  • The key principles of leveraging trust – if you rely on word of mouth, here’s how to take control;
  • What makes an exceptional stand-out-from-the-crowd profile;
  • How to turn your profile into a lead generating tool, boost your company branding and ensure a continuity of messages across all of LinkedIn (company & personal pages);
  • Seven easy-to-implement quick polishes that will increase your profile views;
  • How to get a viewer of your profile to take action;
  • Social Etiquette – we’ll look at the things many people detest about LinkedIn and how you can take advantage of others’ dislikes;
  • Shifting gears from passive to proactive.

I’ll send you a reminder email an hour before the webinar, but why not block it out in your calendar now – click the link below and it will download an iCal entry. Simply open the file and save to your calendar. (If you can’t make the time, I’ll send a recording after the event to everyone who has registered).

Friday 8th November 2013 at 13:00 GMTAdd to Calendar

Since we’re going to start promptly and move quickly, please be ready a few minutes before the time.  Have your favourite drink to hand and an easy way of taking notes – you’ll need it. We have a zero-waffle policy.

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Naomi Johnson

Naomi Johnson

While I have you, I do have a question for you…

“Would you like to work one-on-one with
me to review your LinkedIn Profile and/or Strategy at no cost (valued at £125)?”