We have success stories for a range of business roles

Human Resource Leaders

who want to improve employer branding, increase employee value perception and reduce the cost of talent acquisition.

Recruitment Specialists

who want to find the highest quality candidates (including passive job-seekers) from the largest database of professional talent.

Sales / Business Development

professionals who want to fill their pipelines with highly qualified prospects, without traditional interruptive sales processes like cold calling.

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

who want to understand how to use LinkedIn to improve every aspect of their business.

Marketing Professionals

who want to achieve consistent branding across social media channels and establish thought leadership.

Author / Speaker / Coach, Consultant

who wants to position themselves as the go-to person in their niche.

Industry Specific Solutions

We’ve worked with Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Accountants, Recruiters and perhaps yours?

Charities / Non-Profits

who want to learn how to find and connect with supporters and donors in a more authentic manner.