August 28, 2014 Jez

What’s In a (LinkedIn) Name?

A lot of people are focusing on LinkedIn to (re)search for other people. Sometimes you know their name, sometimes you don’t. How do you find someone if you don’t know the exact spelling of their name?

Let’s turn this around and ask yourself: are you being found by your correctly spelled name? How often? How often not? What can you do to increase the odds of being found by someone who is looking for you, but does not know the correct spelling of your name?

Simply add varieties of your name(s) somewhere in your profile! This is what I have on my LinkedIn profile:
Common mistakes/misspelling regarding my name Bert Verdonck:
Bird, Birth, Beard, Burt, Bart, Bret, Burret, Verdonk, Furdonk, Furdonck, Verdonick, Ferdonck, Veardonck

There are different places where you could insert this. I have chosen to put it under my lifehacking Experience. It could also go in for example in your Summary or Additional Info.

Just give it a try, search for me with any of these variations (e.g. Bird Ferdonk) on LinkedIn or even Google and you will see that my profile is showing up ;-)

So, I challenge you to do the same with your name! A great way to kickstart this, is to ask both your local and foreign friends how they would search for your name if they did not know you…how would they spell your name?

Another way to improve your list is to talk to strangers at a network event and ask how they think your name is spelled. I guarantee that you not only have fun, but also learn a lot more about your own name ;-)

To your success,