Let’s be frank: there are thousands of LinkedIn trainers, and LinkedIn provides their own training, so why should you consider Really Connect to provide your LinkedIn training?

Here’s what makes our LinkedIn training different

  1. Results: Rather than simply repeating information that can be found in LinkedIn’s Learning Portal, we focus on measurable, trackable results, whether that be sales leads or potential employee candidates. We show you which metrics are important to measure and we provide the tools to do so. You should be able to prove that you achieve a Return on Investment from the time you spend on LinkedIn and whether your activities are meeting business objectives. Our methodology shows what’s working and what’s not.
  2. Strategic: Most LinkedIn trainers will teach you how to use the tools LinkedIn provides, but with no real strategy behind the tools. We teach a company-wide strategic approach, tailored to your unique situation and requirements.
  3. Supporting Sales: A huge focus of our work is on generating qualified leads from network referrals. To us, there is nothing more rewarding than helping sales teams achieve their sales targets, since may are given their targets without the tools to achieve them. And so all of our sales training is sprinkled with real-world sales advice, proven to work in the trenches. From the correct wording to use in an introductory email, to how to conduct the first sales presentation, to closing the deal. Our Managing Director, Mike Clark, has a strong sales background and has an excellent track record of creating sell-out events and can teach sales executives how to lead someone through the sales process successfully.
  4. Ongoing Support: A typical outcome from many training sessions is the attendee goes home inspired, but then becomes distracted by day-to-day activities. We provide ongoing mentorship, a private support group and accountability sessions. In short, you get all the support you need to help you implement the strategies you’ll learn.

Our Credentials

Really Connect's Customers

Really Connect’s Customers

  1. We have worked directly with more than 450 corporate organisations across Europe, in more than 5 languages, teaching them how best to use LinkedIn to achieve their commercial objectives. This wide exposure to widely differing markets and verticals has shown to us and our clients that these strategies and mindset can be applied in any organisation in any vertical. No other LinkedIn training company can claim such a wide exposure.
  2. Our best-selling book, How to REALLY use LinkedIn, is bulk-purchased by LinkedIn themselves, who give it to all new LinkedIn employees across Europe as part of their initiation training.  This is because the proactive strategies that we teach work.
  3. Our Company was the world’s 1st training company to be certified by LinkedIn – no other LinkedIn training company can claim the same.
  4. Our Master Trainer, Bert Verdonck, is an expert in networking and he now applies these age old principles of reaching out to the right people to build his network to the new technology platforms available to us. Our training shows you the step-by-step process to develop relationships FAST and develop trust online.
  5. Bert is also a professional life hacker. He actively searches out any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. He incorporates many of these techniques into our training sessions. Instead of spending countless hours on social media platforms with little return, Bert shows you how to quickly achieve results AND measure them.

Still not convinced that our LinkedIn training is different?

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