As a social platform, LinkedIn has a wide range of powerful business applications:

  • HR & Recruiting: LinkedIn’s early growth was fueled almost entirely by the recruitment industry. Without recruiters, an IPO would never have been possible. But recruiters are now at the mercy of LinkedIn. Every new member, every new feature, erodes the traditional value proposition of third-party recruiters: proprietary access to talent.  Here’s how to unlock the full power of LinkedIn to engage Passive Candidates.  Read more >>>
  • Sales, Prospecting & New Business Development: LinkedIn people search is one of the most powerful free tools available for your sales and lead generation efforts. As opposed to tools like Zoominfo and Jigsaw, which find and categorize existing information from the web, LinkedIn profiles are created and updated by the actual person, so they are more accurate and recent.  LinkedIn’s powerful Boolean search functions allow you to narrow down your search to find exactly those who most closely match your ideal prospect.  Read more >>>
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners:  The Wall Street Journal recently asked small business owners which social media sites they used most often and which had the most potential to be useful in the future.  LinkedIn came out on top, not only as the most used but also the site with the highest potential. They beat every other site, even Facebook, with a big stick.  Here’s how entrepreneurs and small business owners are using LinkedIn for prospecting, finding the best talent, branding, and relationship building.  Read more >>>
  • Healthcare Professionals: Where else can you have access to 1.5 million healthcare professionals in one place? The healthcare professionals on LinkedIn include clinicians and providers, as well as researchers, administrative personnel, medical recruiters, in addition to pharmaceutical and biotech workers and managers.  Here’s how medical professionals around the world are growing their networks and working collaboratively.  Read more >>>
  • Charities: LinkedIn recently announced a new service called Board Connect to help charities recruit board members who have much-needed skills. LinkedIn offers charities a place to post detailed information about their organization and the professional and volunteer connections of its board members and other leaders.  Read more >>>
  • Non-Profit Associations: A non-profit on LinkedIn may sound like a bit of an oxymoron. As the world’s most popular business networking site, it wasn’t long ago that LinkedIn was no place for a charity. But recently, LinkedIn has seen the value in causes. Users can now add causes they support to their profile. This charitable online identity is something that employers and peers are starting to use as an indicator of personal integrity. It’s logical that you’d want to get your non-profit listed as one of these profile options, and now is the best time yet to put your non-profit on LinkedIn. Read more >>>