August 28, 2014 Jez

Use the LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment Tool for a Top 1% Ranking on LinkedIn

Here’s our LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment Tool, which will help measure your LinkedIn profile against LinkedIn Best Practices.  It’s valued at £47, but it’s yours for the taking today, providing you commit to actually using it and implementing the changes the tool suggests. Don’t kid yourself – simply downloading it and doing nothing with it won’t change your LinkedIn results! This tool is for action-takers only:

Click to download our LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment App

Once you’ve downloaded it, reserve the next 30 minutes to see how well your LinkedIn profile compares to best practices.  Do it now – there is no better investment of your time than to make these changes now.

LinkedIn Profile Review

If you would like to work one-on-one with our team to review your LinkedIn profile after you’ve made the changes our tool suggests — at no cost (valued at £125), click the big orange button below and choose a time that suits you.

We only ask for one thing in return… We ask that you do as much as you possibly can with your LinkedIn profile BEFORE the review session. Download and complete the LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment tool above and make sure you’ve implemented all the suggestions it provides.

This is going to be a detailed review, and you’ll be able to ask us ANYTHING you need to know about how to use LinkedIn more effectively. That being said, you must be prepared…

PLEASE respect both your and our time and use the toolabove before our review session, and implement what you learn. Once you’re ready…

Reserve Your Spot

Finally, may we ask a favour?

If you found the Profile Self-Assessment Tool useful, or if you learned something new about your LinkedIn profile, would you be kind enough to let your network know that this was valuable? It helps us get the message out, and your connections will be grateful for the tip, so it’s a win-win for all! Just hit the Share button below and post a quick message, which will appear as an update on your LinkedIn profile.