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Warm greetings from Jonathan,

You’ve more than likely heard how important it is to focus on getting prospects to “Know, Like & Trust” you.  While the first two are relatively simple, there’s one question I get asked more than anything else:

“HOW can we convey trust online?”

In other words, what are the specific steps we need to take in order to:

  • Measure where you are most and least trusted by others
  • Create an actionable strategy for consciously improving trust.

On Wednesday 10 July at 16.00 BST we are running a free online training session, designed to help you answer that very question.

It’s called “Building Online Trust for High Returns.” 

On this free online training you will learn:

  • Why Trust is such an important Value to build
  • How Trust directly impacts Business results
  • How you can personally improve the level of Trust others have in you
  • How you can measure the level of Trust you currently have
  • Specific steps you can take to quickly and easily to improve Trust levels

I’ll be joined by Mike Clark and Michelle Clarke, two business leaders who are passionate about trust in business.

Reserve your place by entering your details to the right.  If you can’t make it, reserve your place anyway so we can send you the recording.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you on Wednesday!