Activate The Dormant Recruitment Potential of your Organisation’s Network!

Learn the same Talent Brand Strategies we’ve taught over 500 brands across Europe:

Really Connect Social Recruiting Clients

As the economy is bouncing back, the war on talent becomes tougher by the day. How can you attract and recruit more of the right staff and reduce the average cost per talent hire?

During this workshop we’ll discuss this challenge and share with you:

  • How the game of recruitment has changed and what you need to do to position your organisation to be the employer of choice
  • The 7 Stages of an organisation’s Social Journey: Where are you now, and what needs to happen to evolve to the next level?
  • The 9 steps to Implement your ideal Talent Brand Strategy
  • Practical case studies of how other FTSE 100 companies have followed these steps and implemented their Talent Brand Strategy

The internal networks of a Corporate organisation’s workforce represents dormant recruitment opportunity! Tapping into this vast source of recruitment potential will not only reduce your agency fees and cost per hire, but it will empower your workforce to thrive in the social world that we now live in.

These workshops are exclusive to Senior HR Leaders, and will be conducted in small boardroom style conference rooms. They’ll be practical, interactive and limited to less than 12 people at a time so you can ask questions and have them answered.

So, book now on one of the dates (and feel free to bring a colleague along with you) and discover what practical next steps you need to take accelerate your Talent Brand Strategy.

Quick summary of the main benefits of an effective Talent or Employer Brand Strategy:

  • Connect with the largest pool of passive and active job-seekers
  • Lower the cost of sourcing
  • Lower the cost of hiring
  • Engage your own employees as brand ambassadors and social recruiters
  • Target the right audience (on the network they use to browse the Internet)
  • Engage with qualified job-seekers (and passive talent) as well as spread brand awareness at low cost.

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You might also want to download our How to Implement Your Talent Brand Strategy pdf (right click and click Save As) – 1.1Mb

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