We’ve helped more than 500 top brands across UK and Europe attract the best talent and improve their Talent Brand Index.

Really Connect Social Recruiting Clients

And now we’d like to help you create your Social Recruiting Strategy and improve your Talent Brand Index.

Quick summary of the main benefits of social recruiting:

  • Connect with the largest pool of passive and active job-seekers
  • Lower the cost of sourcing
  • Lower the cost of hiring
  • Engage your own employees as brand ambassadors and social recruiters.
  • Target the right audience (on the network they use to browse the Internet)
  • Engage with qualified job-seekers (and passive talent) as well as spread brand awareness at low cost.

Hello! I’m Naomi Johnson, Head Training Consultant at Really Connect. We may even have met in person recently at Talent Connect London.

Naomi Johnson

I’m passionate about empowering HR Directors and talent professionals to establish a sound Social Recruiting Strategy.

I’ve seen so many companies “go social” in their recruitment without an effective and accurate strategy in place. In the end, all they did was damage their brand as well as fail to find at least one qualified job-seeker.

Remember: On social media, you’re not hiring, you’re recruiting. There is a big difference between someone who is looking for a job and someone who already has one, but is willing to change for a better career path.

I’d like to share the mistakes I’ve seen companies make and work with you to define a social recruiting strategy that works for your company.

I’ll take a look at your current social recruiting strategy, and offer tips and suggestions for improvement.

In your free consultation, we’ll talk about how you can:

  • Optimize your company’s LinkedIn strategy to create a compelling brand story
  • Showcase your company’s personality and culture and show what it’s like to work for your company
  • Shorten the hiring cycle for even the very best talent
  • Measure the business value of your social media efforts.

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Naturally I can’t make this offer to everyone. Our conversation will only be meaningful to you if:

  • Your company has more than 100 employees
  • You do more than 10 hires per year.

If that sounds good, let’s get going!

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Feedback from others

These sessions work. Here are some of the kind words people have said:

“I felt really empowered at the end of the session”

“I found Naomi’s approach fantastic. She blew me away with her knowledge and gave me detailed specific steps on how I could improve my profile. She talked me through the process in a professional, friendly way and has a really good sense of humour. Naomi has a very positive attitude and her enthusiasm was contagious she really gave me a boost. I felt really empowered at the end of the session to make alterations to my profile due to her recommendations. Naomi has a real talent. Recommended!” — Peter Middleton, Customer Service & Training Officer at For Skills Limited

“I was in professional hands”

“I was curious about this offer and therefore signed up for the session. Naomi was great, she set up the appointment very quickly and efficiently to suit me and called to check the arrangements. I felt I was in professional hands. The assessment was very revealing, she asked questions and made comments, which showed me just how I could improve my LinkedIn profile, but I knew I didn’t know how! At this point she talked to me about the workshop they run and I signed up immediately! I trusted her.” — Jonathan Geard Beney, Owner/MD at The Difference Training and Development Co Ltd

“Extremely professional, friendly, creative and helpful”

“I found the approach of the Really Connect team extremely professional, friendly, creative and helpful. There is so much to take in and work on from their workshops that it might take a few months to implement all the strategies but it will certainly be worth it. Naomi was a great help in suggesting improvements to my Profile, and she immediately set about very rapidly enacting them with me! Highly recommended.” — David Clive Price, Author of The Master Key to Asia Series


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