Fabulous!  We’re excited to share the ins-and-outs of social selling with you.

We’ve popped a quick email in your inbox with all the details, but why not add it to your calendar now – Click Here – it will download an iCal entry. Simply open the file and save to your calendar.  We’ll also send you a reminder email an hour before the webinar.

You’ll notice that the webinar is only 30 minutes.  We’re going to start promptly and move quickly, since we know how valuable your time is.  We have a zero-waffle policy.  If waffle is what you’re after, try Waffle House – we’ve heard they’re good!  I’ll be there 10 minutes early in case you’d like to introduce yourself and chat about the weather ;)

Please be ready a few minutes before the time.  Have your favourite drink to hand and an easy way of taking notes – you’ll need it.

DATE/TIME: Thursday, June 13th, at 16:00 BST

PLACE:  http://connectpro72426460.adobeconnect.com/reallylinkedin/

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • What Social Selling is (nothing to do with posting like a madman to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • The key ingredient that already exists in your network that could help you explode sales (it’s hiding in plain sight)
  • The 2 levels of Social Selling and how one without the other is meaningless
  • The 7 reasons you MUST use Social Selling to avoid being left behind

I’ll see you on the 13th.

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Mike Clark

Mike Clark