Really Connect's Customers

Really Connect’s Customers

Social Recruiting: How to Attract Top Talent With an Engaging LinkedIn Profile

Fabulous – we’re excited to share everything we’ve learned while showing over 450 of Europe’s top recruitment companies and HR teams how to use LinkedIn to recruit the absolute best talent.

Your online training is included below, and you can download How to REALLY use LinkedIn here.

Since we move quickly through the content we share, please prepare yourself before hitting the play button.  Have your favourite drink to hand and an easy way of taking notes – you’ll need it. We have a zero-waffle policy ;)


Social Recruiting Strategy Workshop

In the training, Mike mentioned our Social Recruiting Strategy Workshop coming up in February. Here’s why it’s a good idea to book your place now:

  • Our introductory pricing allows you to get to know us and our work before considering a company-wide implementation;
  • The programme is designed to allow 2-3 people to champion LinkedIn first, and then inspire the rest of your company as to what’s possible;
  • Before considering a company-wide implementation, you’d first want to develop a strategy for how you’re going to share content on LinkedIn and engage people. You can do this working with one of our consultants during and after the workshop;
  • Once you understand the concepts around Social Selling you’ll be much better placed to get full value from the time spent with our consultants and be able to craft a strategy that matches your unique situation;
  • With a full, detailed strategy agreed — including social media policy and content sharing — you’ll be much better positioned to train your staff and get full value from it.

If you’d like to go deeper into the training we offer, you can find details here.

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Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark