August 28, 2014 Jez

Sort it out!

Most people are unaware that you can actually view your search results on LinkedIn in different ways. Most people have the obvious, standard choice of sorting by relevance. But there is more!

Here is a short overview of how you can sort your search results:

      Sort by:

    • Relevance (default): listed matches are ranked using logistics based on the keywords you have entered, and your network of connections.
    • Relationship: your first – and second-degree connections, and groups, are shown in that order.
    • Recommendations: matches shown first are based on your level of connection and amount of recommendations. Use this option if you are looking for a supplier or partner. The recommendations can give you a first impression.
    • Connections: the people with the most connections appear on top.
    • Keywords: displays the best match based solely on your query.
    • Views: howthe search results are presented: basic (default) or expanded. The difference between the two is that the expanded view shows the amount of connections, the amount of recommendations, as well as current and past functions.

Just play around with the different views and see which one(s) brings you the most. Of course, align it with your goal first!

To your success,

Bert Verdonck
LinkedIn Expert | Speaker | Trainer | Mentor

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