Our Social Selling webinars have proven so successful that we’re running another.  Join us for this complimentary but valuable 30-minute session on:

Thursday 13 June at 16:00 BST

We’ll cover:

  • What Social Selling is
  • The key ingredient that already exists in your network that could help you explode sales (it’s hiding in plain sight)
  • The 2 levels of Social Selling and how one without the other is meaningless
  • The 7 reasons you MUST use Social Selling to avoid being left behind

Social Selling is sometimes thought of as the adoption of social media and online collaboration tools by sales organisations.  But Social Selling is instead a response to fundamental changes in customer behaviour and their buying process. Social Selling has less to do with blasting your promotional material all over the social web, and more to do with expanding your business through relationships which exist already.

In this fast-paced, content-rich webinar we’ll explain how Social Selling is about recognising that the buying process is controlled by a better informed and more connected customer, and how you can incorporate this into your sales cycles.

Just pop your name and email address in the space to the right (so we can remind you on the day) and hit the big orange button.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the webinar!


Mike Clark

Mike Clark

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