Social Selling is about embracing the new behavioural shift that has occurred with the way people buy.

Previously a sales rep would have their work cut out with each new prospect. However, today, a company that effectively positions itself with the right content on the right platforms typically finds that 60% of the sales process has already been completed. Prospects now conduct extensive research online and seek feedback and recommendations from their peers and others, via Social Media, before making contact.
Social selling is more than just about embracing new technology and social platforms. It’s about putting your company’s educational and marketing materials in the right places and being ready to engage with prospects on such a level that you become their first choice of provider. The reality is that your prospects are searching online for your solution, and if they don’t find you, who will they find?
In a nutshell, social selling is about turning your sales team’s LinkedIn and social media activities into tangible revenue. These activities should be measurable and trackable.

What is Social Selling and The 7 Social Selling Spectrum Elements – Webinar


Watch our 35 minute presentation during which Mike Clark will introduce you to the concept of Social Selling and explain why it’s imperative for your organisation to get on board. If you have questions after watching the video, we invite you to get in touch either with us directly or via our vibrant Facebook Group.

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What stops companies seeing an ROI from LinkedIn training?

The game of social media has come a long way and changed over the years. Initially people thought that having 100’s to 1000’s of people they didn’t know in their network was valuable and would bring a constant stream of leads. But more and more, sales professionals are realising that it’s the quality of the relationship that is far more meaningful than the size of the network. Despite this realisation, many sales professionals still fall into the trap of:

Applying Generic Strategies

When it comes to social selling, every company is different and they require customised strategies that co-ordinate the creation of content, its distribution (on the right platforms) and how their sales team leverage that content to engage with prospects – and even current clients who can then refer them on.

The Isolation Effect No Co-ordination of Efforts

Activities are often done in isolation. As a result, various initiatives get started, but due to a lack of understanding of each team member’s role (and best practice standards guiding their behaviour), strategies fail to be implemented with any impact.

No Clear Goals

Too often, sales people use LinkedIn and other platforms with no clear understanding of the goals they’re aiming to achieve. Who are they targeting? Who are the people in the best position to help them? Which lead generation strategy are they deploying? How many leads are they aiming for this week/month? Where are they directing their leads to? How are they working in co-ordination with other departments/teams?

Don’t know how to measure their social media activity and results

If you can’t measure how much time was invested by each person, how many leads, appointments, sales and revenue were generated as a direct result, then what’s the point? All of our training is focused around creating tangible, measureable outputs and results. We show individual sales people how to track their results, and sales managers how use that information to manage behaviour and output.
Most organisations face a number or all of these challenges, and this is the real reason their social media efforts go unrewarded.