Join Sage Blue and Really Connect for a  fast-paced and strategy-rich Social Recruiting online training event. We’re going to explore what British Army, Nationwide Insurance, Deloitte and Network Rail all know about Social Recruiting.

We’ll cover:

  • Why social recruiting should be a key part of your recruiting plans;
  • How the game of recruiting Top Talent has changed;
  • What happens when you get social recruiting wrong (and how to avoid the mistakes);
  • Detailed case study of a top 4 management consulting firm’s experience with social recruiting;
  • Practical strategies you can apply to recruit the best talent, whether they’re actively seeking other opportunities or not.

What is Social Recruiting?

Social Recruitment is about embracing the new behavioural shift that has occurred with the way people look for employment and adapting your recruiting methods so they’re aligned.

Social recruiting is more than just embracing new technology and social platforms.  It’s about putting your company’s educational and marketing materials in the right places and being ready to engage with candidates on such a level that you become their first choice when they’re ready to make a change in employment.

UK organisations like the British Army, Nationwide Insurance and Network Rail have all embraced Social Recruiting, and we’re going to share with you what they’re doing that works.

Why is Social Recruiting important to Senior HR Leaders?

The reality is that candidates are searching online for employment opportunities, and if they don’t like everything about what they discover about your company, who else will they find?

Now is the time to start embodying this new way of recruiting to stay ahead of your competition.  Ignorance is not a solution, and it will only make things worse long term.

In a nutshell, social recruitment is about turning your entire employment force into your recruitment team.  By doing this your HR department’s LinkedIn and social media activities will turn into tangible savings.  These activities should be measurable and trackable – that’s what our online training event is designed to show you.

What to do next

Register for the training by entering your details to the right. You’ll receive immediate access to the recording so that you can use the end-of-year downtime to prepare for 2014.

You will access the training session from the comfort of your home or office.  All you’ll need is a computer and reliable Internet access.

Why invest your time with us?

Very simply because what we teach works.  There are three main reasons why this will be a valuable investment of your time:

Reason 1: Our Company was the World’s 1st training company to be certified by LinkedIn themselves – no other LinkedIn training company can claim the same.  While we operate independently of LinkedIn (we are not employed by them), we collaborate in a win-win partnership with LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn gets more happy users of their platform as a result of our training;
  • We’re updated regularly by LinkedIn regarding the future of their platform so that we can keep our clients informed and ahead of the game.
Really Connect's Customers

Really Connect’s Customers

Reason 2: Our approach has been carefully documented in a 240-page book, How to REALLY use LinkedIn, which reached international best-seller status in a number of categories soon after release.  The book is required reading for all new LinkedIn employees across Europe and a copy is given to every new employee as part of their initiation training.  This is because the proactive strategies that we teach work. You will receive a copy of the book as part of your registration.

Reason 3: We have worked directly with more than 450 corporate organisations across Europe, teaching them how best to use LinkedIn to achieve their recruiting objectives. This immense exposure to widely differing markets and verticals has shown to us and our clients that these strategies and mindset can be applied in any organisation in any vertical.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the training session. Access the recording by entering your details to the right.

Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark

P.S. You’ll also receive a copy of our book How to REALLY use LinkedIn – it’s 240 pages of actionable tactics you can put in place immediately.  We’ll also suggest which chapters to start with, so that you don’t have to read the entire book to kick start 2014.

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