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“The recruitment game has changed…”

Learn how HR Departments & Recruiters are embracing Social Recruiting Strategies to attract Top Talent

What is a Social Recruiting Strategy?

Social Recruitment is about embracing the new behavioural shift that has occurred with the way people look for employment, and adapting your recruiting methods so they’re aligned.

Social recruiting is more than just embracing new technology and social platforms.  It’s about putting your company’s educational and marketing materials in the right places and being ready to engage with candidates on such a level that you become their first choice when they’re ready to make a change in employment.

Why is a Social Recruiting Strategy Important?

The reality is that candidates are searching online for employment opportunities, and if they don’t like everything about what they discover about your company, where else will they go looking? Candidates review far more than a single LinkedIn page or profile when researching what it would be like working for your company, and so a company-wide Social Recruiting Strategy is required.

Now is the time to start embodying this new way of recruiting to stay ahead of your competition.  Ignorance is not a solution, and it will only make things worse long term.

In a nutshell, social recruitment is about turning your entire employment force into your recruitment team.  By doing this your HR department’s LinkedIn and social media activities will turn into tangible placement savings.  These activities should be measurable and trackable. Unless you can measure you social activities, how do you know whether they’re effective or not.

Allow us to show you how to track your efforts effectively, and prove a positive ROI.

Invest two half-day sessions with us and we’ll deliver a solid LinkedIn Social Recruiting Strategy that energises your enterprise to connect with more candidates in engaging ways.

Companies using LinkedIn Proactive Strategies from Really ConnectWe know that’s a bold claim, but we do this day in and day out with our clients, and we’ve now worked with more than 450 organisations across Europe.

How the LinkedIn Social Recruiting Programme Works

We offer a full day’s worth of training, split over 2 half days. Why? Because we focus on results and results only come from implementation. By splitting the training in two, we get to avoid the ‘overload’ that often happens on courses like this. This way also gives you the opportunity to review your results, and allows us to give you extra insight and support.

During the first half-day of training we’ll talk strategy with you, getting under the bonnet of Social Recruiting and how it works. We’ll set you up with some clear, actionable strategies that you can start using it right away, so when you return 3-4 weeks later, you have something tangible to show for your investment. By doing this, you’ll get far more value as you’ll be able to ask our experts in depth, practical questions rather than purely theoretical questions – as we believe this is where the real value lies.

Here’s how we break it down.

Part 1 – First Half Day Session

Before coming to the in-person training, we ask you to read our international bestseller How to REALLY use LinkedIn, which we send to you with our compliments. This is so that we can ensure everyone is at a similar starting point. We ask you to create your basic profile after reading the book so that we can review it.  Your profile will help us tailor the day to your needs and ensure the strategies we put together are right for you.

We cover the following:

  • What steps do you need to take to turn your company into a social recruiting talent attractor?
  • What content do you need to create and distribute?
  • How do you engage with top talent in leveraged ways?
  • How can you turn your entire employment force into your recruitment team?
  • What practical strategies can you implement to position your company as the employer of choice against your competition?
  • What does the ideal recruiter’s LinkedIn profile look like?
  • What can you expect when you get Social Recruiting right?

We provide hands-on assistance on: what to do with search results, how to make contact, the right steps to take, building a relationship using this strategy.  The pain we remove is not knowing what to do next.

Part 2 – Review & Course Adjustment

We then allow 3-4 weeks to implement the strategies you’ve learned. We set you up with spreadsheets showing how to measure. We provide guidance on how to start building small tasks into your daily processes. Our private online group helps give further support and feedback.

We’ll review your results before you come to the training room so we can give pinpointed and tailored feedback in the second session. Our training for the second session is really crafted around the group and what you tell us. Towards the end of the day we give you further strategies for you to continue building on.

In short, by the end of this process your organisation will be a Social Recruiting Powerhouse!

Results GuaranteedThere is simply no more comprehensive LinkedIn training than our Social Recruiting Strategy Programme, which is why we’re pleased to offer our iron-clad guarantee: If you’re not absolutely delighted with the results by the end of Part 2 (Implementation), simply let us know and we’ll courteously refund your money. Naturally we will have some who take advantage of our training and don’t implement what we teach, but we know that’s not true of you. All we ask is that you show us a little evidence of how you implemented our teachings. No quibbles, no small print. We’re all about results, and if we can’t delight you with additional candidates, we insist on reimbursing you. We can’t be any fairer than that.

Who are We & Why Listen to Us?

Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark

We’re Bert Verdonck – inspiring, enthusiastic and humorous speaker, author, master trainer and creative lifehacker – and Mike Clark — Managing Director and strategist of Really Connect.

Together we have worked directly with more than 450 corporate organisations across Europe, teaching them how best to use LinkedIn to achieve their hiring objectives. This wide exposure to widely differing markets and verticals has shown to us and our clients that these strategies and mindset can be applied in any organisation in any vertical.

Our Company was the World’s 1st training company to be certified by LinkedIn themselves – no other LinkedIn training company can claim the same.  While we operate independently of LinkedIn (we are not employed by them), we collaborate in a win-win partnership with LinkedIn.

Where and When?

Our next dates are January 16th & February 20th 2014, and the venue will be an easily accessible location in Central London.


The cost of the programme is £397 + VAT per person and you can secure your seat in the booking section below.

We highly encourage you to consider bringing along a colleague or two.  Previous attendees have found that their learning and implementation is so much more productive when they have someone on the same wavelength to discuss the strategies and implementation with.

If you’d like to book for 5 or more people from the same organisation, or if you’d prefer in-house training at your premises, please contact us for preferential pricing.

Here’s a summary of everything you’ll receive:

  • A copy of the international bestseller “How to REALLY Use LinkedIn”;
  • Pre-Strategy Assessment, so you can assess your skills and let us know exactly where you need further help so you get the best value from our time together;
  • Two 4-hour sessions where we give hands-on advice and guidance on how best to use LinkedIn for your recruiting requirements. During the first session we’ll work on your strategy. During the second session, 4 weeks later, we’ll review your results, answer your questions and tweak your strategy if needed for better results;
  • A Coach assigned to you for each session to ensure you get the attention you need;
  • Access to a private community for 24×7 support and assistance.

Sound good?

Secure your spot using the booking form below, or talk to us for further information.

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