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What is your current LinkedIn profile strength? (view profile, right column)

Do you have a professional picture that clearly helps people to recognize you when they see you?

Does your Professional Headline clearly state what you DO (this is not always the same as your title on your business card)?

Is the link to your LinkedIn Profile customized with your name (Public Profile URL)?

Summary: Have you described your professional expertise, specialties and interests in such a way that people already have a good picture of you and the organisation you work for?

Experience: Have you listed your current job(s)? What about the previous one(s)? Including a description of your role & responsibilities for each?

Have you used the first person ("I") to describe yourself and not the third person ("he" or "she")?

Have you used words to describe the results of your work instead of just listing your function?

Have you used words to describe yourself that other people would use when they are looking for your expertise (for example Marketing Manager and not Marcom Dir.)?

Previous jobs: have you given a description of which projects you did or which results you achieved in each previous job you have listed?

Are the recommendations other people have given you specific and not vague?

Have you listed any associations or clubs outside LinkedIn you are member of?

Have you at least written down 5 personal interests?

Have you filled in the 3 websites? And given them a specific name?

Do you share your expertise with Rich Media video providers like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler...?

Do you share your expertise with Rich Media image providers like Pinterest, mobypicture, twitpic...?

Do you share your expertise with Rich Media audio providers like AudioBoo, SoundCloud, Spotify...?

Do you share your expertise with Rich Media presentation providers like SlideShare, Prezi, Scribd...?

Do you share your experrtise with other Rich Media providers like Behance, Kickstarter, Quantcast...?

Does your expertise link to the respective Company Profile pages?

Education: Have you listed the schools, colleges, universities and other education you have had?

Have you added your Skills & Expertise?

Are you being endorsed for your Skills & Expertise?

Have you endorsed others for their Skills & Expertise?

Have you filled in Languages?

Have you filled in Certifications? (if applicable)

Have you filled in Publications in? (if applicable)

Have you filled in Honors & Awards, Courses, Test Scores, Patents and all other sections?

Have you filled in your Twitter handle(s)? (if applicable)

Have you filled in info about any of your Projects? (if applicable)

Have you filled in your Volunteer Experience and Causes (charities)?

Have you mentioned any links to free tips or advice in your Profile?

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