Naomi JohnsonHi! I’m Naomi Johnson and I’m passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and sales professionals to rapidly grow their business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Why don’t we spend 45 minutes on the phone for a quick Social Selling Strategy Review Session?

It’s actually much more than a Social Selling review.

During the session we’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for your ultimate business success. We’ll uncover hidden challenges that are maybe sabotaging your ability to attract all the business success you want.  You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and fired to finally grow your business as fast as you’ve been wanting to and achieve all your business goals once and for all.

There’s no charge for this service, and the results are priceless — it’s my £125 gift to you for taking action. Click the big orange button below, choose a time that suits you and we’ll be chatting soon!

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STEP 2: Do Your Homework (Yes, I’m serious!)

Read this closely because it’s important, VERY IMPORTANT!

I’m agreeing to do this very special LinkedIn Profile Review, just for those who are willing to take action (that’s YOU).

I’m only asking for one thing in return… I ask that you do as much as you possibly can with your LinkedIn profile BEFORE the review session.

This is going to be a detailed review, and you’ll be able to ask me ANYTHING you need to know about how to use LinkedIn more effectively. That being said, you have to be informed to ask real questions…

PLEASE respect both your and my time and invest the time to watch the video below before our review session, and implement what you learn.

What is Social Selling?

LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy Review Feedback

Most people who invest their time with me are delighted by the end of the call. I regularly receive comments like:

  • “Extremely valuable”
  • “Helped me see the wood from the trees”
  • “Helped me conclude whether LinkedIn is right for my business or not”
  • “You’ve added huge value.”

It’s because of these wonderful comments that I offer this service, so go on – give it a try! Book your session using the big orange button below.

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Option 2: LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment

Or, if you think I’m too scary (I don’t bite, really) maybe a Profile Self-Assessment is what you’d prefer.  Download our little tool which helps measure and grade your LinkedIn profile against Social Selling Best Practices.  It’s valued at £47, but it’s yours for the taking today.  Just remember to reserve the next 30 minutes to see how well your LinkedIn profile compares to best practices.  Do it now – there is no better investment of your time than to make these changes right now.