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Really Connect’s Rock Your Profile service helps to achieve consistency across your organisation’s numerous LinkedIn profiles.

Why is it important to have consistent LinkedIn profiles across the organisation?

Normally a LinkedIn Profile communicates as an individual rather than an organisation. However, there are many benefits to an organisation to achieve consistency across employees’ profiles. Some of these are:

  • From an employment perspective, consistent branding and a consistent message across all employees’ profiles ensures that potential candidates are excited about working for your company.
  • Professional, consistent profiles convey a professional, consistent view of your organisation.
  • Just as inconsistent branding or inconsistent marketing creates a poor impression, so do inconsistent profiles belonging to the same organisation create a poor impression.

What the “Rock Your Profile” Service will do for your organisation:

  • Ensure that all of your employees have a presence on LinkedIn, by helping them quickly complete their profile with advice and guidance all the way.
  • We take professional head-shots with correct lighting against a white background and cropped correctly. Avoid amateur personal pictures which often include family members, casual clothing, sunglasses, head-wear and inappropriate settings.
  • Ensure that everyone’s profile is completed in full – we provide examples to follow and templated messages to copy and paste (where appropriate).
  • Ensure that everyone in your organisation includes rich media to support the company’s vision and objectives.

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