How wonderful to meet you!

We’re Mike Clark and Bert Verdonck of Really Connect and we’re grateful to Rodney for making the introduction.  We look forward to supporting you to get the most from LinkedIn!

Step 1: Please download your copy of How to REALLY use LinkedIn below

You may need to right-click the image or the link below and select Save Link As to download the file to your computer – it’s in PDF format.

How to REALLY Use LinkedIn for HR
Download How to REALLY use LinkedIn

Step 2: How to Launch a Product or Service Through LinkedIn’

If you’ve ever launched (or re-launched) a product or service, you’ll know that the buzz it creates can be quite contagious.

There are so many articles online full of free advice on how to successfully launch a product that we almost decided not to do this webinar. But many of the articles aren’t very helpful. The material is too fluffy, the marketing ideas are vague, or the advice simply doesn’t apply to a small but growing business.

In this webinar (which has been our most popular to date) we teach everything we know about launching a product or service on LinkedIn.

Here are some of the comments you’ll see at the end of the webinar:

  • Keith Grover: Thanks – well worth 45 mins of my day!
  • An Coppens: thank you, that was excellent
  • Peter Dijkema: Thanks for the session
  • Joanne Dolezal: Thanks. Really helpful session.
  • Marva: Thanks, enjoyed and inspired :-)
  • David 3: Thanks. Lots to follow up…

Step 3: LinkedIn Accelerator Session

Rodney has arranged for you to work one-on-one with our team to review your LinkedIn Profile and/or Strategy.

To get the ball rolling, please choose a time from our online schedule here.

Once scheduled, we’ll call you on the date and time you’ve chosen.

We’re looking forward to talking with you!

Step 4: Discount Code for Next Social Selling Event

If you’d like to take advantage of Rodney’s generous discount offer, please enter TS40OFF in the Promotional Code space in our ticketing system here.

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Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark