In early 2013, LinkedIn passed the 200 million members mark, and with over 40 million visits every week, more than 1 million groups and 5.3 billion searches, LinkedIn is a gold mine for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Imagine access to a database of 200 million potential partners, prospects and service providers who tell you everything about themselves in personally crafted online profiles.  LinkedIn’s powerful Boolean people search function enables you to find exactly the skill and resource you need to grow your small (and not-so-small) business.

As the world’s 1st Certified LinkedIn Training Company, we’ve trained thousands of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners on how to get the most from LinkedIn.  We want to give you access to everything we teach, for nothing.

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  • How to REALLY Use LinkedIn for SalesAn immediate download of the international bestseller How to REALLY Use LinkedIn by Bert Verdonck and Jan Vermeiren.  This revised and updated second edition contains 236 pages of powerhouse strategies designed to help you:
    1. Unlock the full power of LinkedIn to find and engage the ideal prospects;
    2. Collect email addresses from your website with a single click via the LinkedIn Lead Collection Widget;
    3. Create custom Calls to Action and Content based on the profile of the user visiting you LinkedIn Company page;
    4. Get full metrics of your Company Engagement on LinkedIn, plus so much more!
  • LinkedIn White Paper – Best Practices for Prospect Engagement and Nurturing.  We’ll give you a week to implement the strategies explained in How to REALLY Use LinkedIn before sending you this White Paper.  (If you don’t get the basics right, there’s no chance of the advanced strategies ever working for you.)   This White Paper dissectseverything we’ve learned about using LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development.  If you’re in Sales or Marketing, you need to know what the best lead generators are doing.
  • Ongoing Interviews with Sales Professionals.  We regularly interview others who are successfully using LinkedIn to find, attract and recruit the best talent.  You’ll get access to every interview we do, as well as ask your own questions in advance, so you can stand on the shoulders of giants and immediately implement what’s working elsewhere.
  • Schedule an Appointment. Discover how LinkedIn can directly help your business with a 30-minute consultation with one of our Training Consultants.
  • Timely Updates.  LinkedIn is a dynamic platform which constantly changes.  We’ll be your guide, showing you how to get the absolute most out of every new feature as it’s released.

Why do we want to give away our best work?

Very simply because we’d enjoy the privilege of working with you in future, but we believe we must earn the right to do so first.  If we can WOW you with tips and strategies that will make an immediate difference in your business, we know you’ll keep us in mind when the time is right to train your organisation about how to get the most from LinkedIn.  Does that sound fair?

What others say about How to REALLY use LinkedIn for Sales & Business Development

Erik Van den Branden“Jan and Bert, the networking experts in Belgium, have written the ultimate book on online business networking. How to REALLY use LinkedIn will benefit professionals wishing to enter the next era of networking. The book contains fascinating insights on the meaningful use of LinkedIn in a business environment; it familiarizes you with the unknown, interesting features of LinkedIn; and it deals with burning questions around this social network. In short, this book is an indispensable guide to discover the power of LinkedIn!” – Erik Van den Branden, HR Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Belgium

Jack Canfield“The importance of having a great team is one of my Success Principles—a team including colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, and experts. How to REALLY use LinkedIn is your guide to find them—fast!” – Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Success Principles™ and Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

Ivan Misner“How to REALLY use LinkedIn is a must-read for anyone who wants to grow their business through networking. Even if you’re already a member of a referral or network organization, Jan and Bert offer powerful, advanced strategies for how LinkedIn can help you get even more out of your participation in those sites as well.” – Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI

Hubert Vanhoe“Finally, someone explaining why LinkedIn is useful. As a typical Gen Xer, I was starting to become frustrated to hear more and more people talking about the advantages and the fun of being Linked In. Once I got it, I immediately made a profile and started connecting. And if I can do it, so can anybody else.” – Hubert Vanhoe, Vice-President, USG People Belgium

Astrid De Lathauwer“Online business networking is a very hot topic. However, many people don’t know how to really deal with websites like LinkedIn. How to REALLY use LinkedIn gives more than an answer. Highly recommended!” – Astrid De Lathauwer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Belgacom


“I have been using LinkedIn for a while now, but only for connecting to people I personally know. This book gives you well-structured insights and tips throughout to increase the effectiveness of your network—a big help to reach your goals easier and quicker. Strong recommendation to all the people who want to start using their network more efficiently!” – Frank Opsomer, Channel Partner Manager Hitachi Data Systems