August 28, 2014 Jez

Multiplying Your LinkedIn Results

With Boolean searches you can fine-tune your search results. We talked about the AND-operator and how it can help you reduce the number of people popping up in your results. But what if you actually want more results? This is where the OR-operator comes into play.

The OR-operator

Using OR means that either or both of your search items will be present in the results.Let’s assume I am selling training services to organisations. People who hire us are often in the sales, marketing or HR department. So, just as an example, let’s say I’d be searching for these profiles.

When I search for sales managers, I find 95K results. When I search the term marketing manager, I get 50K results. Unlike the AND-operator, where we are getting less results, we now want more results. By using the OR-operator, sales OR marketing manager, LinkedIn will give me about 139K (the blue area in the picture). This makes perfect sense, because we know that there are 5,900 sales and marketing managers from the previous article.

This means that by inserting the word OR (in capitals with a space before and after), we get more results. This is exactly what we want! In this example, we are finding people who are:

  1. Sales managers
  2. Marketing managers
  3. Sales and marketing managers

|The general rule of thumb to apply the OR-operator is when you want more results.|

What a lot of people are overlooking is the fact that this OR-operator can also be used more than once.

Example: sales OR marketing OR hr

On top of this, the OR-operator can bring you extra results that you normally would not get – especially when you think of search terms that are related to your original ones.

Here are some additional tips for making the best use of OR:

  1. Plural: woman coach OR coach for women
  2. Synonyms: team leader OR team manager
  3. Abbreviations:hr OR human resources
  4. Spelling: developer OR develloper OR developper OR devellopper

Yes, even managers are allowed the occasional typo. :-)

Start playing around with the OR-operator and let us know which additional results you get!

To your success,

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