One of the most effective sales methods is to help prospects recognise how the pain of their problem affects them.

However there is a very key element that most people miss in moving a prospect from recognising the problem to accepting help. And that is to get them to recognise what the consequences are of doing nothing.

What is the consequence of doing nothing about their problem?

Get them to see the ripple effect. Keep showing how the future is not going to get any better – it’s going to get worse. And at the same time, get them to recognise the consequence of doing something about it. What might change if they take action?

This moves them into an awareness that change is needed and they start recognising that they better make a change.

Now you’ve got someone on your side — they’re ready to do something about it — they’re ready to take action, rather than sitting there, immobilised, not recognising the difference between doing something and doing nothing.

Here’s an example of how this works:

We know that your ability to influence your buyer is key to closing sales. But, cold calling is dead. People just delete your emails. In a recent study, IBM found that 91% of executives ignore cold calls and unsolicited emails. Buyers are finding almost all the information they need online before ever contacting you, putting you at a significant disadvantage. “Access to information”  — one of the core values and forms of influence you once had as a sales professional — is virtually gone.

(This is the pain you’re feeling in meeting sales targets – you can’t reach decision makers).

By ignoring the new strategy of Social Selling, you’ll find it more and more difficult to reach decision makers. You’ll miss sales targets, and — in an extreme case — find yourself out on the streets without a job.

(The consequence of not taking action)

Fortunately there are a few things you can do immediately:

Number 1

If your buyer is seeking information online, and they are, share valuable information online. Create your own content by starting a blog, share other people’s industry-related content on Twitter and participate in online communities like LinkedIn Groups.

Read the same information your buyer is reading so you know what they’re going to say when you actually talk to them. If you don’t, your buyer could end up being more informed than you are!

Number 2

Create targeted prospect lists on LinkedIn and reach out to them via a mutual connection. Even if someone hands you a lead you should always use your mutual connections to influence your likelihood of getting a call back.

If you haven’t integrated social selling into your sales practice, you aren’t optimising your potential influence and you have an amazing opportunity just waiting for you to seize.

Here’s an example of someone who generated an additional £60,000 in pipeline by creating a targetted list on LinkedIn:

Until January 31, we’re offering £100 off our Social Selling Programme PLUS a £397 gift for taking action and doing something now.

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If you’d like all the details of the Programme before booking, you can find the rundown here.

Results GuaranteedThere is simply no more comprehensive LinkedIn training than our Social Selling Strategy Programme, which is why we’re pleased to offer our iron-clad guarantee: If you’re not absolutely delighted with the results by the end of Part 3 (Implementation), simply let us know and we’ll courteously refund your money. Naturally we will have some who take advantage of our training and don’t implement what we teach, but we know that’s not true of you. All we ask is that you show us a little evidence of how you implemented our teachings. No quibbles, no small print. We’re all about results, and if we can’t delight you with additional leads, we insist on reimbursing you. We can’t be any fairer than that.

Our £397 Gift for Action Takers

Until 31 January we’re giving away our entire REVsales System, which includes scripts for introductory emails, appointment setting, activity and sales tracking and sales presentations. These are the same scripts we use in our business and have been absolutely core to our success. We normally sell the REVsales System for £397, but we’re including this massive library if you book for our Social Selling Programme by 31 January.

Click for details of the REVsales System

The REVsales Foundation Certification consists of 8 modules:

  • Module 1: The Biggest Myth in Sales
  • Module 2: Preparing for Success
  • Module 3: Time Management
  • Module 4: Know Your Numbers
  • Module 5: REVS Buyer Cycle
  • Module 6: Money Making Techniques
  • Module 7: Sales Cycle PART 1
  • Module 8: Sales Cycle PART 2

After completing these modules you’ll move on to the next section: the REVsales Applied System, which will show you how to start implementing your learning and customising your sales scripts.

Here you’ll start turning theory into action and start seeing the BUYER and SALES cycle come into action. You’ll begin working the system and putting together powerful presentations that make your prospects eager to buy from you.

Step 1 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – Empowerment Technique

  • Video: Creating Affirmations
  • Video: Morning Power Starter Process
  • Video: Increase Your Unconscious Power and Morning Power Starter

Step 2: Booking Appointments

  • Download: Booking Appointments Script
  • Video: Customising Your Booking Appointment Scripts

Step 3: Know Your Numbers – Tracking Activity

  • Download: Sales Activity Template
  • Video: How to Use the Tracking Template

Step 4: Creating Powerful Sales Presentations – Part 1

  • Download: Sales Appointment Script Template
  • Video: Psychology of Creating Powerful Sales Templates – Part 1
  • Video: Customising your Sales Presentation – Part 1

Step 5: Creating Powerful Sales Presentations – Part 2

  • Video: Psychology of Creating Powerful Sales Templates – Part 2
  • Video: Customising your Sales Presentation – Part 2

Once you have completed these modules you’ll be ready to get started designing your own sales process and customising your scripts. But don’t worry you won’t be alone. Our Facebook Community will be there to support you and if you need further support or coaching, our team can be on hand to help.

Where and When?

You will receive immediate access to the online training.  The venue will be an easily accessible location in Central London. You can see the next available dates in the booking section below.


The cost of the programme is £497 + VAT, but until 31 January (or until seats are filled – whichever comes first) we’re offering £100 off. Simply enter JAN2014 in the Promotional Code in the booking section below.

Here’s a summary of everything you’ll receive:

  • A copy of the international bestseller “How to REALLY Use LinkedIn”;
  • Access to seven 90-minute LinkedIn Fast Start Training Webinars, so you can get familiar with all the tools and techniques available on LinkedIn. This way when you come to the hands-on session you’ll be able to ask better questions and achieve results faster;
  • Pre-Strategy Assessment, so you can assess your skills and let us know exactly where you need further help so you get the best value from our time together;
  • Two 4-hour sessions where we give hands-on advice and guidance on how best to use LinkedIn for your business. During the first session we’ll work on your strategy. During the second session, 4 weeks later, we’ll review your results, answer your questions and tweak your strategy if needed for better results;
  • A Coach assigned to you for the day to ensure you get the attention you need;
  • Access to a private community for 24×7 support and assistance;
  • LinkedIn Sales and Lead Generation Tracking Templates, so you can prove the ROI on your efforts;
  • Our entire REVsales System, including all the scripts you’ll ever need to rapidly grow your business.

Sound good?

Secure your spot using the booking form below, or if you have questions, why not schedule a training review so we can walk you through the best options for you and your specific requirements.

Remember to enter JAN2014 in the Promotional Code in the booking section below to secure your £100 discount (valid until 31 January, or until seats are filled).

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