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I'm on LinkedIn, but have no idea how to use it!

(Announcing Fast-Start Step-by-Step Strategies to get LinkedIn working for you)

If you’ve ever played chess, you’ll know that the rules of chess are pretty easy to pick up. But of course the problem is: how do you become successful; how do you win at chess? People think it’s a measure of intelligence, and it isn’t…

It’s a measure of chess-ability. It’s all about the strategy.

Advanced LinkedIn Training in South Africa

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Using LinkedIn effectively is exactly the same. Gone are the days of simply completing your LinkedIn profile and waiting for the magic to happen. You need a proactive strategy.

Anyone can teach you how to craft a compelling LinkedIn profile; not many can teach you how to strategically and proactively put your profile to work. We can.

Why is LinkedIn Training Necessary?

Coaching or training on platforms such as LinkedIn may seem unnecessary – after all, LinkedIn provides their own Help Centre.

However, after every LinkedIn training session we run, we’re always pleasantly surprised by how many people are kind enough to come up to us afterwards and say that they learned something about LinkedIn that they didn’t know before and that the training had been really worthwhile.

Why invest your time with us?

Very simply because what we teach works.  

Reason 1: Our company, Really Connect, was the World’s 1st training company to be certified by LinkedIn themselves – no other LinkedIn training company can claim the same.  While we operate independently of LinkedIn (we are not employed by them), we collaborate in a win-win partnership with LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn gets more happy users of their platform as a result of our training;
  • We’re updated regularly by LinkedIn regarding the future of their platform so that we can keep our clients informed and ahead of the game.

Reason 2: Our approach has been carefully documented in a 240-page book, How to REALLY use LinkedIn, which reached international best-seller status in a number of categories soon after release.  The book is required reading for all new LinkedIn employees across Europe and a copy is given to every new employee as part of their initiation training.  This is because the proactive strategies that we teach work. We’ll send you a digital copy of the book as soon as your seat is confirmed.

Companies using LinkedIn Proactive Strategies from Really ConnectReason 3: We have worked directly with more than 450 corporate organisations across Europe, teaching them how best to use LinkedIn to achieve their commercial objectives. This wide exposure to widely differing markets and verticals has shown to us and our clients that these strategies and mindset can be applied in any organisation in any vertical.

Here’s what Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI, says about our work:

Ivan Misner


“Really Connect offer powerful, advanced strategies for how LinkedIn can help you get even more out of your sales and prospecting activities.” – Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling Author & Founder of BNI


Next LinkedIn Training Event:

Cape Chamber of Commerce & IndustryJoin the Cape Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, November 13th. We’re running a training program designed to teach you how to use LinkedIn proactively. The training will be hosted by Michael Haupt, a Cape Town sales and marketing professional whose international clients include Bank of America, Barclays, BT, HSBC, O2, Telefonica, Telenor, and Vodafone.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to Create an Effective Profile
  • How to Build and Expand Your Network
  • Personal and Company Branding
  • How To Launch a New Product or Service on LinkedIn
  • And much more!

Class: LinkedIn Fast Start Strategies

Date: Wednesday 13 November 2013

Time: 8:30am Breakfast 09:00 – 13:00 Hands on training

Venue: Cascade 1, Shop 3, Tyger Waterfront

Price: R650 per person

To secure your place (seats are limited), complete your details above and we’ll send payment instructions. Our training is 100% guaranteed, so your investment is a no-brainer. Here are the details of our no-quibble guarantee:

Results GuaranteedThere is simply no more comprehensive LinkedIn training in South Africa than our Fast Start Strategies training, which is why we’re pleased to offer our iron-clad guarantee: If you’re not absolutely delighted by what we cover by the end of morning tea, simply let us know and we’ll courteously refund your money. Naturally we will have some who take advantage of our training, but we know that’s not true of you. No quibbles, no small print. We’re all about getting results, and if we can’t delight you with the strategies we teach, we insist on reimbursing you. We can’t be any fairer than that.



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Stuart Ducker“What you chaps have done has changed my way of thinking and the whole way in which I approach new business relationships, existing business relationship and also expert support on some of the activities where I need help. It literally is the best course I have done.” – Stuart Ducker, Strategic Solutions Director, TwentyCi

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