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Announcing Really Connect’s Train The Trainer Certification Programme

Hi There,

If you’re on this page, then that means you must be as passionate about LinkedIn as we are, and really looking forward to delivering world class LinkedIn training sessions. We are expanding our team and are looking for people like you!

Really Connect's Customers

As the World’s 1st Certified LinkedIn training company in 2010, we have worked with over 450 of Europe’s top corporate companies and 1000’s of SMEs.  We help organisations to become more successful by embracing the power of LinkedIn, social selling and social recruiting. Our services range from giving presentations, training and workshops to a corporate programme, including a certified ‘Train The Trainer Academy’.

With the recent launch from our Belgian head office into the UK in 2012, combined with some strong international partnerships recently confirmed, our company cannot keep up with the training demand for our product offerings shown below:

Really Connect's Current Product Offering

As a result, we need high quality LinkedIn trainers who can train both our corporate and SME clients who are spread all across Europe. Are you one of them? Keep reading….

What makes our training so effective?

Here at Really Connect HQ, our entire team is passionate about empowering individuals to use LinkedIn more effectively to connect with more companies in engaging ways.  Some of the other things that make our training programmes stand out are…

  • The quality of our training content: No one in the world is delivering LinkedIn training to depth or level that we do
  • The quality of our trainers: All of our trainers are professional speakers and trainers and have years of experience in the industry – and they’re passionate about LinkedIn and sharing that message
  • Completely Customized: Our training packages are completely customized to the client’s requirements.  We provide holistic solutions that comprise of consultation, preparation, delivery and follow up support
  • Results we deliver!  Embedded in our training is showing clients how to track and measure their results.  Our clients fill their pipelines with new business and candidates, ensuring a powerful ROI for their training investment.

Certification Courses Overview

For our own certification programme (not LinkedIn’s official certification) we have three levels of qualification available.

Level 1 – Profile Trainers

We classify our training into Passive, Active & Proactive strategies.  Profile trainers focus primarily on our corporate clients showing them how to create highly attractive profiles.

Level 2 – Social Selling & Social Recruiting

For SME and Corporate clients that want to train their teams on more Active and Proactive strategies, we have a series of workshops that show them how to use LinkedIn effectively to find new prospects or candidates.

Level 3 – Master Trainer

This is where you become the trainer of our trainers.  This requires delivery of hundreds of hours of content to our clients and receiving outstanding feedback.

At present, we have a strong demand for Level 1 and 2 trainers.  Besides our partnerships that deliver consistent flow of opportunities, that come from our well established brand and database, that has been built over the past 10 years. This combined with 1300 new leads a month generated through our website(s), is why our current trainers are at capacity.

Would you like to join our fast-growing team?

Where we’re at right now, we need quality trainers who are reliable, experienced and can add value to our team and most importantly – to our clients.  This is not a full time training role (yet), you’ll have the opportunity to still do your own training, however, as we have such good lead flow, we’re looking for trainers who see this as an opportunity to help us and them make the most of the traction we’ve created…

If what we’ve mentioned so far gets your blood pumping, then we’d invite you to fill out our application form below, but first…

Who is the ideal type of trainer?

  • Someone who is passionate about training and giving people those ‘light bulb’ moments
  • You find the LinkedIn platform a fantastic tool to do business with and are an active user yourself
  • You have 100’s hours and years of training experience
  • You’re a good communicator and can convey messages expressively and clearly
  • You have great stage presence and can handle the most difficult of training situations
  • Speaking English is a must, and if you can speak Dutch or French or any other (European) language fluently, that is a real bonus.

What’s the deal?

At present, we are only looking for Level 1 trainers.  This is a 3 day training programme, after which you’ll be fully skilled to deliver training for our Passive strategies.  The investment for this programme is £2,497 + vat.

Once you have gained your Level 1 Certification, you will then be given the opportunity to conduct a live training session in front of our clients (obviously a paid gig).  Provided you pass our quality control standards, we then will look to promote you to our client base and work with you to find you training opportunities in the UK and Europe.

Why are we charging for this training?

We are glad you asked!  There are 3 reasons why we ask trainers to invest in themselves:

  1. Commitment!  We’re only looking for people who show us they’re serious about working with us.
  2. We’re investing our time to make sure the highest quality standards of our training are maintained.
  3. This is a true training investment.  We’ll be collaborating with you to make sure you’re successful.

How do you make a ROI?

There are several ways actually…

  • We’ll look to sell your training services directly through our client base.  So you’re aware, we’re limiting this next intake to just another 3-4 trainers so that we can keep your diaries busy
  • We’d like to extend our training and consultation range and this will create the opportunity for you to work with us to help make the most of our database
  • We often get invitations to speak at a range of online and offline sessions.  Occasionally we have to turn them down as our trainers can’t make it.  You’ll have the opportunity to turn up and present on behalf of Really Connect.
  • For speaking opportunities like this, you can even leverage off our sales team, who’ll do the follow up calls and secure you training gigs.
  • Finally, we’ll give you £3,000 worth of ‘Profile Self Assessment’ tokens, which will allow you to create 5 fold return from your investment

Are you still interested..?

So lets talk specifics then.

When is the training course?

8th, 9th and 10th January 2013.

Investment for Level 1 Trainer = £2,497 + vat


Central London, UK.  Exact details are to be confirmed.

Two-Step Application Process

The first step is to complete our application form.  Once we’ve reviewed it, we’ll be in touch with payment options.

If you’re ready to go ahead, hit the big orange button below for the application page.

Prefer to chat to us first? Give us a call on +44 (0) 20 313 73 313.