LinkedIn Profile Help: How to Create an Engaging & Highly Visible Profile That Brings Results

In this webinar recording Naomi Johnson, Senior Training Consultant at Really Connect, shares everything she’s learned while consulting with over 100 individuals who all said the same thing: “I’m already on LinkedIn, but it’s never done anything for me!”.

Here’s what Naomi covers:

  • Understanding whether LinkedIn is right for you and worth your time vs. other social media platforms;
  • The key principles of leveraging trust – if you rely on word of mouth, here’s how to take control;
  • What makes an exceptional stand-out-from-the-crowd profile;
  • How to turn your profile into a lead generating tool, boost your company branding and ensure a continuity of messages across all of LinkedIn (company & personal pages);
  • Seven easy-to-implement quick polishes that will increase your profile views;
  • How to get a viewer of your profile to take action;
  • Social Etiquette – we’ll look at the things many people detest about LinkedIn and how you can take advantage of others’ dislikes;
  • Shifting gears from passive to proactive.

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LinkedIn Profile Help: Pay it Forward

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