Logo 2014What is the Really Connect Introducers Programme?

The Really Connect Introducers programme is designed to equip you to share our message with your friends and colleagues more effectively.  Since beginning the programme we’ve been humbled by the number of graduates asking to promote our programmes and questions about how best to do it. Thus, we’ve put together this programme to help you.

We’ve included MagicMail templates and coming soon, status updates you can use in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

This page should answer most of your questions but should you have more, then please do call us and we’d be delighted to help. We’d be delighted to receive your feedback and suggestions as to what works and what doesn’t.

Please do see below the promise we’re making to honour you, your business and your trusted contacts.

Why does it exist?

If you were to ask one of our team members what our Mission Statement is, they’d say…

“We’re all about empowering the world’s professionals
to attract opportunities by connecting

in more engaging ways!”

And, the Vision we’re working towards is…

“As the world’s largest independent LinkedIn training company, we attract talented

team members and partners who are all passionate about showing individuals

and organizations how to really connect and build trust

to create economic opportunities to make their lives,

families and communities more prosperous!”

So, in a nutshell, the purpose behind putting this Introducers Programme together, is to help enrich people’s lives so they can achieve more with less effort – and in doing so themselves and others benefit.

So, I’d like to say thank you in advance for any support you provide to this programme.  We’re grateful for the kind recommendations and referrals we get and it’s our sincere hope that if you ever feel inspired to let someone know about us, then this page makes your life just that little bit easier.

Who is it designed for?

Well, that’s a great question – we’re glad you asked.

There’s two levels of who this programme has been designed for.

1st Level – Graduates of our LinkedIn Training Workshops

This concept originally came about as we had so many people who graduate our Social Selling Programme, that were asking us how they could recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

So, if you’ve completed anyone of our

  • Social Selling
  • Social Recruiting or
  • In-Company Workshops

Then, please feel welcome to use some of the copy below to introduce us to your trusted contacts.

2nd Level – Your Trusted Contacts

What would an Introducers Programme be, if there wasn’t a receptive 3rd person who might be interested in what they’re being introduced to?

So, this programme has obviously been put together to support any and all of your friends, colleagues and contacts who you feel would benefit from learning our LinkedIn strategies.

Why would you want to get involved?

Now this is a very personal question and the answer to it often varies from person to person.  Sometimes we have people who just want to help others out, and so they refer us to people that they know will benefit from this programme.

Other times, people would like to receive an ‘Introduction Commission’ for making the connection.  We’re happy to offer this to you as well.

Other Introducers say, whatever commission you were going to offer me, please just pass that onto my contact – we can do this too.

Or, you may have another suggestion – perhaps we catch up for a coffee, tea, wine or beer on us ;)

So, simply let us know what is your ‘Love Language’ as we’d love to say ‘Thank You’ in a way that makes you feel special.


Each month we’ll be holding a Accountability Group online to help you focus on achieving results with LinkedIn. This is your chance to hear success stories and get insights for things you could be doing. Normally, for the general client, this is charged. But as an active Introducer of ours, you can receive this for free. (Active is defined as one recommendation per month).

Our Promise to you

Please know that the trust and relationship we have with you is what we value and treasure most.  We promise to uphold the integrity of our relationship and treat any of your contacts with the same level of integrity.

We promise to only add value to your contacts and give honest, sincere and authentic feedback.  If our course/s are right for them we’ll mention this, if they’re not, we’ll advise a more suitable course of action. As we hope you’ve already experienced with us, we’ll never hard sell

This is our promise to you, and if you ever feel we’ve breached this, please contact us directly and we’ll work our backsides off to turn things around.

Important Information about Us

Below you will find a couple of different variations that are important to familiarise yourself with before getting started:

  • Our Market Place: Sales, HR, In-company
  • Familiarity: The strength of your social capital
  • Approach: Easy First Yes

Our Market Place

Really Connect has two distinct marketing places:

1.   Social Selling Programme: Appropriate for any one responsible for sales and lead generation within their company. It caters for the solo-entrepreneur, and small to medium size organisations. You will also often meet Sales Directors from large companies who are dipping their toe in the water before engaging with our in house programmes.


2.    Social Recruiting Programme: This course is solely aimed at the HR function within any size business. Many companies are now purchasing what’s called a ‘Recruitment Seat’ from LinkedIn. While they do receive some training, LinkedIn’s main training capacity is focused at their top 5% clients, leaving the majority of purchasers wondering how to get return on investment and the support.

N.B. This is not appropriate for Recruitment Agencies.


3.    In Company

Either or both of the above training is offered and it takes place exclusively for client on their premises and is solely focused on Mid-Tier to large companies.

Recommend a personal introduction directly to Naomi or Mike.


With all introductions we trust you to assess your Social Capital with each person and choose the right email introduction for each.


As we teach in our training, it’s important to have ‘Easy First Yes’ so we’ve designed our content to do just that.

Here is the standard route for bringing on board a new client which we recommend, however if you would like a variation of this please discuss it with us*

  1. Free book
  2. Profile Self Assessment – a check list that provides them a score rating the quality of their profile and gives feedback on what they could be adding in
  3. Accelerator Session – 45 minutes with Naomi Johnson which delves into their overall business strategy and how this translates on LinkedIn. Naomi will give specific feedback and suggestions, and recommend appropriate next steps.
  4. Social Selling / Social Recruiting Programme
  5. In House Training

* Variations will only be considered for Introducers that have achieve 5 sales in a 3-month period, or have a targeted database of a particular size that would require a different approach.

Email Templates

Here is suggested wording you can use to email any of your contacts who might benefit from a better understanding of how to really use LinkedIn.

Sending the MagicMail© is a simple 5-step process:

  1. Choose the need that your contact has from the list below and then click on that link, which will show you the wording to use. Copy the wording into your email.
  2. Place your contact’s email address in the TO: field, and mike@reallyconnect.com in the CC: field.
  3. Customise the email wording with as much personal information that you know for each person, but remember to keep it brief, sharp and to the point.
  4. Add your signature
  5. Hit send and bask in the glory, knowing that you’ve helped your contact reach their business goals quicker, and you’ve helped us serve more people.  We’re sending waves of gratitude to gently lap against your shore ;)


Additional Resources

Further to magic mails, we are also able to provide you with a customised Introducers page with tracking links embedded. If you do not wish for either of these, you can direct them to the Really Connect homepage.

  1. A customised page with your name on it, for example: www.reallyconnect.com/rm/
  2. A customised page with your testimonial or video of your recommending the product, for example: www.reallyconnect.com/dk/

To have one of these pages created for you, please contact Naomi by emailing  naomi[at]reallyconnect[dot]com