LinkedIn and Social Media Challenges Facing Most B2B Sales Teams

Many sales teams we talk to have dismissed social media as a viable source of qualified leads.  Their lack of results in using social media are usually attributable to these reasons:

  • Insufficient knowledge: The sales team has only a basic level of competency with LinkedIn. This is partly due to LinkedIn themselves not giving any constructive advice on how to use their platform successfully, but it is also due to an abundance of advice from self-proclaimed guru’s who simply repeat what they’ve read elsewhere i.e. advice comes from those who are not actively using LinkedIn for generating real results;
  • No proactive strategy: Most sales team members only use LinkedIn in a passive manner (set and forget) i.e. they set up their profile and seldom return to LinkedIn, expecting leads to passively appear;
  • Lack of a collaborative social strategy:  LinkedIn has evolved from being predominantly a collection of individual professional profiles, to becoming a platform where accelerated results are achieved by collaborating as LinkedIn teams.  These teams can either be formed with others in the existing sales team or with other departments within the company. Without a structured strategy and training which complements the strategy, results of each member will be at best average, since each member implements ideas independently and in isolation to the rest of the team.
  • Lack of a clear Return on Investment: Without clear and measurable goals and outcomes, social media in general and LinkedIn in particular, are a waste of time.  Most sales teams are unable to track how their efforts on social media relate to business closed.

In order to be successful on LinkedIn you need a strategy, and to implement your strategy, you need your team on board. Having a strategy with no team engagement, or team engagement with no strategy is a recipe for disaster. To be successful on LinkedIn and to see a return on investment, you need both a strategy and team engagement.

This challenge for every sales director and their team, is to be ready for the transition from a traditional sales to Social Selling and be ready to adopt the new behaviours and strategies required to succeed in a social economy. 

Our InHouse Training Solution will prepare your team for the advent of Social Selling. Following a comprehensive consultancy session with your management team, we will work with you to introduce and engage your team in the concept of social selling. Our training will be a mixture of strategy development and technical training. By the end of which, your team will be a social selling sales force,  fully on board to use leverage the trust within their network and use LinkedIn to generate new business.

For more information about how this could work for you company, please call our Training Consultant, Naomi Johnson, on +44 (0) 20 313 73 313 who will be delighted to discuss how our training solutions can be adapted to meet your business requirements.