• The game of social recruiting and social selling is just at it’s beginning…
  • There’s no one proven way of how to make it work
  • The one thing we know is, people are now embracing Social media more than ever, and every day it’s shaping more and more people’s lives – from milenials to boomers
  • Turning your org into a social business is a big decision. It’s inevitable that companies must become social or they will be left behind and overtaken by those who embrace it and attract the milenial talent of the future
  • We’ve found that it typically takes about 5-7yrs for a company to truly transform into a social business.
  • Good news is, by stepping in this direction now, you’re ahead of ALL your competition! Yes, it will take time, however, you’ll see fantastic results along the way – from massively reduced recruitment fees, to better engaged staff, through to more of the right clients in less time
  • This is why we’ve created the TAP – to be your facilitator along the journey. We’ll be able to show you who the best people are to recruit, what steps you should take at each stage and what training would best suit your staff and organisation.

Trusted Advisor Programme