On July 4, 1776, America declared its independence from Britain. To this day, it’s a day of huge celebration, and we wish all our American friends a day of fun, friends and family.

If you’re not celebrating in the US on July 4th, join us in declaring Independence from Ridiculous LinkedIn Bloopers, Mistakes and Slip-Ups.

We’re running a FREE (but priceless) tongue-in-cheek webinar on Thursday 4 July where we’re going to show you some of the most ridiculous LinkedIn mistakes we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a ton!) We’ll analyse:

  • LinkedIn BloopersCommon InMail mistakes (so you don’t waste your time sending InMails which will never be seen, never mind read)
  • Profile faux pas (so your profile doesn’t disappear into the sea of blandness, or worse – scare your prospects away)
  • Recommendation flops (so you don’t display a Recommendation that’s actually harming you)
  • We’ll even show you how to stop those spammy LinkedIn InMails messages from clogging up your Inbox.

We’re going to have a few chuckles at other people’s expense. And each belly-laugh will be followed by ‘now this is how they should have done it,’ so you can immediately implement what REALLY works on LinkedIn.

Join us on Thursday at 11:00 BST. Secure your place by entering your details to the right. It starts in:

Nothing to buy – just a chance to learn from other people’s ridiculous mistakes – it will be a hoot!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bert Verdonck & Mike Clark

P.S. This webinar will not be recorded – it’s going to be pretty raw and we don’t want it shared publicly. The only way to join the chuckle-fest is to be on the live webinar, so make sure you register your place immediately and clear 45 minutes in your diary on Thursday morning to make sure you can attend. Happy Independence Day!