August 28, 2014 Jez

Every CEO needs a LinkedIn Profile!

Why is an attractive LinkedIn Profile necessary for every CEO, C-level executive or spokes(wo)man of an organization?

Let us give you the answer straight away:for marketing and PR reasons!

Today, when CEOs, General Managers, other chief executives and board members are mentioned in the press, often a link to their LinkedIn Profile is used in the interview or in the quote.

If people click on that link and see an incomplete, boring Profile they might assume that the organization represented is also boring.What does it tell you if a CEO of an innovative company is not on LinkedIn? Right!

Many recruiting and lead generation opportunities are missed in this way. Especially since more and more people do research on an organization before they apply there.
What can CEOs add to the already-mentioned tips from a marketing or PR point of view?

  • A SlideShare presentation with tips showing their organization’s expertise.
  • A SlideShare presentation or YouTube clip with their personal point of view or strategy that can be shared with the outside world.
  • A movie clip with tips, insights, an empowering message, or an interview.
  • Share their updates, notes, blogs or articles.

It is important to avoid praising your own organization too much, but instead share information that can help others. Remember networking is based on building the Know, Like, and Trust factor[link].

To your success,

Bert Verdonck
LinkedIn Expert | Speaker | Trainer | Mentor

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