We’ve helped more than 500 top brands across UK and Europe build their employer brand to attract and retain the best talent:

Really Connect Social Recruiting Clients

And now we’d like to help you develop a strategic approach to recruitment and retention.

Quick summary of the main benefits of a strong Employer Brand Strategy

  • Connect with the largest pool of passive and active job-seekers online
  • Lower the cost of sourcing
  • Lower the cost of hiring
  • Engage your own employees as brand ambassadors and social recruiters
  • Target the right audience (on the network they use to browse the Internet)
  • Engage with qualified job-seekers (and passive talent) as well as spread brand awareness at low cost.

Hi, I’m Mike Clark, Managing Director of Really Connect.

Mike Clark, Managing Director, Really ConnectI’m passionate about empowering HR Directors and talent professionals to establish a sound Social Recruiting Strategy.

I’ve seen so many companies “go social” in their recruitment without an effective and accurate strategy in place. In the end, all they did was damage their brand as well as fail to find at least one qualified job-seeker.

Remember: On social media, you’re not hiring, you’re recruiting. There is a big difference between someone who is looking for a job and someone who already has one, but is willing to change for a better career path.

I’d like to share the mistakes I’ve seen companies make and work with you to define a social recruiting strategy that works for your company.

I’ll take a look at your current social recruiting strategy, and offer tips and suggestions for improvement.

In your free consultation, we’ll talk about how you can:

  • Optimize your company’s LinkedIn strategy to create a compelling brand story
  • Showcase your company’s personality and culture and show what it’s like to work for your company
  • Shorten the hiring cycle for even the very best talent
  • Measure the business value of your social media efforts.

I will also send you the 7 Steps to a Successful Employer Brand Strategy – it’s a powerful blueprint which you can download immediately and share with your team.

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  • Your company has more than 100 employees
  • You do more than 10 hires per year.

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