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Who are we is:

“We’re the world’s leading LinkedIn training company. We have 18 trainers throughout Europe and are able to deliver training in 9 different languages. We help Entrepreneurs, Sales and Recruiting Professionals present their core message on the world’s largest professional database, LinkedIn, in a way that positions them as the #1 authority in their field, so they can FINALLY get more clients, attract star candidates or find their ideal business partners.”

How We Can Help:

Reason 1: Our Company was the World’s 1st training company to be certified by LinkedIn themselves – no other LinkedIn training company can claim the same. While we operate independently of LinkedIn (we are not employed by them), we collaborate in a win-win partnership with LinkedIn:[black_arrow_list width=”80%”]

  • LinkedIn gets more happy users of their platform as a result of our training;
  • We’re updated regularly by LinkedIn regarding the future of their platform so that we can keep our clients informed and ahead of the game.[/black_arrow_list]

Reason 2: Our approach has been carefully documented in a 240-page book, How to REALLY use LinkedIn, which reached international best-seller status in a number of categories soon after release. The book is required reading for all new LinkedIn employees across Europe and a copy is given to every new employee as part of their initiation training. This is because the proactive strategies that we teach work.

Reason 3: We have worked directly with more than 450 corporate organisations across Europe, teaching them how best to use LinkedIn to achieve their commercial objectives. This wide exposure to widely differing markets and verticals has shown to us and our clients that these strategies and mindset can be applied in any organisation in any vertical.