In the new age of Social Selling the way people make buying decisions has changed, and as such, the way we sell must also change.

A well thought out bespoke strategy is the key to ongoing success on LinkedIn. Our consultancy sessions focus 100% on your business and your strategy. During our time with you, our analysis will look closely at how ready, as an organisation, you are to succeed in the new Social Selling environment. We will look at the effectiveness of your current online content, your existing content distribution methods, the effectiveness of your sales team to use LinkedIn to generate leads and share relevant content.

Once we are confident that we understand the unique intricacies of your business we will provide you with clear recommendations going forward, as well as assisting you in their implementation. By the end of this session, you will have a clear strategy for how you will use LinkedIn effectively to be come a Social Selling powerhouse.

The following outlines what our recommendations will include, and the elements of our analysis.

Our analysis will include:

  • Effectiveness of Current Content: We will review how effective your content is at engaging your ideal client base and make recommendations on how to target your materials to lead to higher conversion.
  • Method of Distribution: We will look at how you currently disseminate your information and how equipped your sales team are at approaching prospects with relevant content. We will assess resources available to you to create an effective method of distribution that is not laborious.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: An assessment of your existing customer relationship management system will be undertaken from which recommendations will be made as to how to ensure you get maximum value when tracking the behaviour and interests of targeted prospects.
  • Systems Analysis: We will review your existing systems for ‘Readiness’ with the onslaught of ‘Social Selling’ and make recommendations so you are fully equipped to take advantage of this new way of buying.
  • Social Media Platforms: We will assess the consistency of your corporate appearance on various social media platforms and make recommendations to ensure a consistent and professional presence across all platforms.
  • Telemarketing Team: Making full use of your existing telemarketing team we will make recommendations for how they could be using LinkedIn Pro-actively and the type of content that could be created to help them increase conversion rates and shorten the sales process.
  • Marketing Strategy: By assessing your existing marketing strategy we’ll be able to make recommendations that will ensure you are moving effectively from a ‘Traditional’ marketing approach to one of ‘Social Selling’.  During the session, we will devise a social selling strategy for you to integrate with or replace your existing one.

Once we have been through each of these areas we will be well placed to create a bespoke LinkedIn strategy that plays to your company’s strength and personality.

Developing Your LinkedIn Strategy

The development of your LinkedIn Strategy will involve a full investigation into:

  • Company Profile:  We will provide in depth recommendations for the design and structure of your page, including multi-target audience, company branding verse personal branding, company summary, keywords, tools, status updates, Rich Media Content and the creation of highly targeted resources and downloads. Our objective will be to increase your ‘search-ability’ and the effectiveness of converting visitors into clients, whether that be those visiting the company page or past and present employees.
  • Current Usage: We will assess how easy it is for your sales team to share relevant content, and make recommendations for how it can be used to speed up the sales process and match the changing needs characteristic of the social selling environment. We will assess sales scripts and make recommendations as to how they can be adapted to incorporate Rich Media Content.
  • Strategy: We will develop Passive, Active and Pro-active strategies relevant for each member of your team according to their role. We will allocate priority tasks so you know exactly what to focus on to get the best results fast.
  • Competency: A full assessment of your team’s understanding and their competency will be undertaken with a view to developing appropriate training that will ensure everyone has the right level of skill to roll out the strategy.  
  • Enrollment: We will gauge how existing levels of enthusiasm and readiness to engage with these upcoming changes and make recommendations for how you can enroll people into the new programme.
  • Social Media Policy: Working very closely with you and listening to the unique concerns of your business, we will help you develop a Social Media Policy that allows you to confident engage with all existing and emerging platforms.

You will be provided with a full recording of the session allowing you to review key insights of the strategy, thus ensuring no valuable information is missed out.

This session can be followed up with InHouse Training.

To find out more, please call our Training Consultant, Naomi Johnson,  on 020 313 73 313 to discuss how this might work for you.



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