Thanks for letting us know that you wouldn’t like to work
one-on-one with our team to review your LinkedIn Profile.

We can think of a couple reasons why you may have turned our offer down.

  1. You may not have sufficiently completed your LinkedIn profile to warrant a conversation yet. If this is the case, our strongest recommendation is to read and apply everything you can in our book, How to REALLY use LinkedIn. The ideas, tips and strategies in the book come from us investing a lot of time and money to figure out how to use LinkedIn effectively, and we want to teach everything we know.
  2. You may be afraid we’re going to sell you something you don’t really need. It’s perfectly understandable for you to have this concern. However, the way we look at this is that we’re committed to helping you create the business and income you want. We need to learn about you and your exact situation to be able to do that.

Our purpose for this session is to understand your circumstances so well that we can offer precise recommendations to help you get what you want. Quite frankly, we learn as much from these sessions as you do, which is why we continue to offer them at no cost – it’s a win-win for both of us.

So, if we’ve convinced you that this is not a sales call (we’ve all had enough of pitching!) and you would like to sign up for a complimentary LinkedIn Accelerator session, schedule your 45 minute session here.