October 22, 2014 Samantha Fouche

Avoid these common LinkedIn profile mistakes

In this tongue-in-cheek webinar we look at common LinkedIn profile mistakes to avoid at all costs. We’ll analyse:

  • Common InMail mistakes (so you don’t waste your time sending InMails which will never be seen, never mind read)
  • Profile faux pas (so your profile doesn’t disappear into the sea of blandness, or worse – scare your prospects away)
  • Recommendation flops (so you don’t display a Recommendation that’s actually harming you)
  • We’ll even show you how to stop those spammy LinkedIn InMails messages from clogging up your Inbox.

We’re going to have a few chuckles at other people’s expense. And each belly-laugh will be followed by ‘now this is how they should have done it,’ so you can immediately implement what REALLY works on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Mistakes Webinar:

Photo Credit: Joaquin Villaverde Photography