August 28, 2014 Jez

Chance Favours the Connected Mind – Here’s Why

Steven Johnson is the author of Where Good Ideas Come From, an exploration of environments that lead to breakthrough innovation, in science, technology, business, and the arts. Watch his 4min video explaining which environments are most conducive to flashes of inspiration and moments of brilliance:

This is why using LinkedIn effectively is so valuable in organisations: it creates ‘collisions of hunches’ between prospects, business partners and previously unknown connections, which lead to often huge innovation.

Most LinkedIn users believe that the value lies in the number of 1st level connections, but the real value lies in the second and third levels.  This is where connecting with new people, after an introduction from your 1st level connections, often triggers the most valuable outcomes.

By the way, we’re running a series of webinars starting on Wednesday 31st July, designed to“favour the connected mind” where we teach all of the principles strategies and techniques to get the most from LinkedIn.  You can find details here.