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Warm greetings from Mike and Bert,

We’re excited to be working with Phil to increase your trust, transparency and influence on LinkedIn with our three-part training programme, which is a recording of the webinars Phil mentions in his video above.  Not only will you learn how to grow your business – the exponential benefit of the entire CTT community  following a standardized approach will:

  • Avoid the need to explain over and over again what CTT can achieve
  • Achieve consistency in our message
  • Overcome the often-present feeling of working in isolation
  • Rapidly expanding the reach and visibility of BVC’s mission and vision.

We’re going to show the phenomenal exponential value of a collaborative approach to business generation.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Module 1: How to create an effective LinkedIn profile (Passive Strategy)

  • Maximizing your personal LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn Profile Matrix©: short overview
  • Why it’s important for every BVC consultant to have an attractive profile to build trust in new prospects
  • 20 top tips to craft an effective personal profile to enhance your visibility and achieve conformity
  • How to turn your personal LinkedIn profile into a lead generation tool to attract even more customers.

Module 2: Building your network and increasing visibility (Active Strategy)

  • How to build your LinkedIn Network (fast)
  • How to rapidly extend your network effectively and efficiently with the right professional contacts
  • How to deal with sending/receiving invitations
  • What are “Company” profiles and how BVC will use theirs for the benefit of everyone
  • How the BVC Company LinkedIn profile will help your lead generation requirements
  • Status Updates on LinkedIn: what and by whom?
  • How to stay top of mind with important customers and prospects
  • What are the right Groups to join and why is it imperative to be active in those Groups?
  • 5 ways to find the right Groups for you
  • Extra tips on how to use “Groups” in favor of your company and personal branding on the one hand and to attract customers on the other.

Module 3: Finding new customers (Proactive Strategy)

  • 11 ways to find new customers via LinkedIn
  • How to find the full name and the full profile of “John D.” with a free account
  • Difference between a free and a premium account
  • Why personal Recommendations often backfire.

Each module is approximately 90 minutes each, and questions from previous CTT Community attendees are answered during each module, with specific relevance to the CTT Community.

Why should you buy?

The programme directly addresses the three biggest frustrations most BVC consultants experience:

  1. The benefits of CTT aren’t that well known
  2. You sometimes feel uncomfortable, or even ill-equipped, to fully explain how valuable the tools are
  3. You often feel isolated and even neglected in trying to build your consulting business.

By learning how to master the Passive, Active and Proactive LinkedIn strategies, you’ll find a new world opening up, including a powerful way to collaborate with your fellow consultants.

The cumulative effect of each consultant building their profiles in a coherent way will create a greater online awareness, which will result in increased exposure and understanding of CTT.

When a prospect expresses doubt on what results CTT can deliver, you will simply refer them to the hundreds of CTT consultants who all have numerous case studies showcased on their profiles, or on the BVC company profile page.

The high visibility of recommendations on the BVC LinkedIn company page, will help prospects instantly recognize the credibility, through the diverse range of clients that have all used CTT.

In summary, when the entire CTT Community uses LinkedIn with a common understanding, LinkedIn will become a powerful tool that will allow you to engage with prospects in a modern way and by collaborating together, you’ll find exponential influence.


The price for all three modules is $197.  Immediately after payment is received you’ll be able to download the recordings so you can listen to them at your convenience.









You have questions, we have answers

If you have any questions, just pop us a quick email by completing the form below.  We’ll get right back to you.




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