Not What You Want

After the AND-operator and the OR-operator it is time to introduce the third Boolean operator: NOT. We sometimes have a clear goal in mind. We are using the right keywords, but we are getting a significant number of results that are unwanted. Why are they unwanted?

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Multiplying Your LinkedIn Results

With Boolean searches you can fine-tune your search results. We talked about the AND-operator and how it can help you reduce the number of people popping up in your results. But what if you actually want more results? This is where the OR-operator comes into play.

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LinkedIn Search: More is Less!

Everyone knows a lot of people are on LinkedIn, and everyone thinks it is easy to find them. To a certain level this is true. What most people don’t know however is how to dig deeper and actually find the people they are looking for.

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Attractive LinkedIn Profile for All Managers

Why is an Attractive LinkedIn Profile is Necessary for All Managers?

In a previous article you could read that it is important for CEO’s to have an attractive LinkedIn Profile for PR reasons. And what about other managers? Let’s look at a request from one of our customers.

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Every CEO needs a LinkedIn Profile!

Why is an attractive LinkedIn Profile necessary for every CEO, C-level executive or spokes(wo)man of an organization?

Let us give you the answer straight away:for marketing and PR reasons!

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Find the Right People, Fast!

Over 200 million people worldwide are using LinkedIn. Most of them have setup a profile and have accepted a fair number of invitations. Some of them are searching for people, like new clients or new colleagues. However, you would not believe how many people have yet to discover the Advanced Search.

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Can I Reconnect With People on LinkedIn Who I Haven’t Seen in Years?

In our workshops, webinars and presentations many people wonder:

“I have many contacts from years ago -can I still contact them?”

Yes, you can always reconnect with them. Don’t feel bad that it’s been a while, even if it’s been years. They didn’t take action either, right? They probably have the same hesitation as you do. So, why don’t you take the first step?

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LinkedIn Confusion: Who’s Viewed Your Profile?

Many people are very curious about who has viewed their Profile on LinkedIn.
On the Home page there is a link (at the right hand side): “Who’s viewed my profile”. When you click on this link with the number (e.g. 12) and message “Your profile has been viewed by 12 people in the past day”, you will see an overview of the last 5 people who actually visited your LinkedIn profile recently. And their Profile on LinkedIn.

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Search in the Network of Your Network

Everyone wants to grow his or her network. With the new LinkedIn Profile, a highly effective way of finding people is available now! We’ve been waiting for years for it and finally it is here:“Searching in the network of your network”

How does it work?

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Social Media Summary

Social Media is beyond the hype, but most people don’t know yet how to get more results from it. This article provides a high level overview of some of the most popular platforms and practical strategies on how to easily achieve your goals without investing a lot of time in Social Media.

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