August 28, 2014 Jez

Attractive LinkedIn Profile for All Managers

Why is an Attractive LinkedIn Profile is Necessary for All Managers?

In a previous article you could read that it is important for CEO’s to have an attractive LinkedIn Profile for PR reasons. And what about other managers? Let’s look at a request from one of our customers.

A telecom company asked us to present a LinkedIn workshop for their managers only for the purpose of creating an attractive personal LinkedIn Profile.

But what was different, was that they didn’t want to learn how to attract new customers, new employees, new partners, new investors or help some of them find a new job in an outplacement program (these are the questions we normally get). They only wanted to learn to create an attractive LinkedIn Profile.

When asked why they didn’t want the usual topics, and why it was so important to have good LinkedIn Profiles, the answer was: “These are managers from our IT department who don’t have to find new customers, suppliers, partners or investors and who are not in an outplacement program. The reason why they need to have an excellent LinkedIn Profile, is that potential employees check our managers’ LinkedIn Profiles before even considering applying for a job with us.“

Don’t take our word for it that is necessary to have an engaging LinkedIn Profile as a manager forrecruitment purposes. This is just one of our customers testifying it!
For managers, important features in their LinkedIn Profile to interest potential new employees include:

  • Create an attractive Summary of your job description and interesting details about your current job. People like to work in an interesting environment with an inspired manager.
  • Share a specific function you held in the past. This might be the actual job the other person is seeking.
  • List all the jobs you did in the past. This shows your career path that other people might be interested to follow.
  • Link to the job site of your company in the “Websites” field of your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Use SlideShare, Google Presentation, YouTube and other Rich Media to uploadpresentations you have given. Revealing the topics you are engaged in might appeal to potential employees.
  • Use SlideShare, Google Presentation and other Rich Media to upload job openings in your team.
  • Use SlideShare, Google Presentation and Rich Media to showcase the activities of your team or department. (Note: this might also be beneficial for your visibility WITHIN your own organization)
  • Ask your team members as wellto apply all these tips They may set an even better example for the potential new employee.

These actions create a “passive” strategy. If you urgently need new team members we advise working jointly with your recruiters to develop a “proactive” strategy as well. When you combine the experience of recruiters with the networks of managers in the business units, you will achieve additional recruitment power!

To your success,

Bert Verdonck
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