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“Can LinkedIn REALLY help me source candidates?”

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Really Connect’s Managing Director, Mike Clark, explains:

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  • Clarify your value proposition to all the candidates you want to attract
  • Build relationships with potential candidates, even though they may not be looking for a job right now
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Jack Canfield“The importance of having a great team is one of my Success Principles — a team including colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and experts. How to REALLY use LinkedIn is your guide to find them – fast!” — Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Success Principles and Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Ivan Misner“How to REALLY use LinkedIn is a must-read for anyone who wants to grow their business through networking. Even if you’re already a member of a referral or network organization, Jan and Bert offer powerful, advanced strategies for how LinkedIn can help you get even more out of your participation in those sites as well.” — Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI


“This book was very, very helpful to me in my own book launch. I did what the authors suggested, and within 2 weeks went from 136 Linked In connections to almost 1000; I got a speaking engagement, 2 prospects, and several conversations with potential partners. And I haven’t even finished contacting my new ‘friends’ who wrote me notes. This is a must read for everyone who plans on using social networking for business.” — Sharon Drew Morgen, author NYTimes Bestseller “Selling with Integrity”

“I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and believe it is an awesome business tool. As a result, I devour every book published on the subject. Author Jan Vermeiren’s new book goes to the top of my list of most useful books on LinkedIn.” — Dave Carpenter, Mentor to a Select Group of High Performers

Connect with Joseph Starwood on LinkedIn“I wish I had read “How to Really use LinkedIn” before I created my first LinkedIn profile and began marketing my professional brand on LinkedIn. Had I done so, I would have avoided some embarrassing mistakes and the rework required to fix them. I would have also realized greater benefits from professional online networking quicker and with less effort. In this concise and readable book, the authors show how to get LinkedIn right the first time. This book provides insight into how LinkedIn works and how to use it effectively. Specific chapters address using LinkedIn to reach key objectives such as seeking employees, seeking a job, and marketing a product or service. The hands-on approach in these chapters accelerates establishing a brand-focused profile and building a results-oriented professional network.” — Joseph Starwood, Enterprise Architect, Microsoft