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A selection of Really Connect’s clients embracing Social Selling

The £1 Million Social Selling Challenge is a 6 month challenge for sales directors who are ready to make the transition and turn their sales team into a modern social selling sales force.

The objective?

To add £1 million worth of qualified leads to your pipeline in 6 months.

After working with over 450 clients across Europe, we’ve systematized a process of Social Selling that works, and we’d like to share it with you.  Naturally we can’t work with everyone and our approach might not be right for you, so we’ve prepared a brief document to explain exactly how the challenge works.

Ideally, your sales team will be:

  1. Involved in B2B sales and need to reach senior decision makers (our approach isn’t suitable for retail sales);
  2. Between 6 and 18 highly motivated and open-minded sales professionals;
  3. Based in the greater London area, Paris area, or the Benelux region;
  4. Willing and able to close an additional £1 million of additional sales in 6 months (we’re serious about this – if you’re logistically not able to handle additional sales, our approach probably isn’t suitable for you).

Sound good?

Simply click the button below to tell us where to send a 5-page document which explains exactly how the challenge works. There will also be a link to visit if you have any questions after reading the document.

Let’s do this!

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