August 28, 2014 Jez

10 Tips for an Attractive Product Page on your LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn makes it very easy to create your own “shopping window”. On your Company Profile you can create a separate page for each product and service.

Here are some insights into what LinkedIn has to offer and what to do with the Products and Services sub page.

Overview page

    1. Title, Description and Picture: use a short and catchy title and some informative descriptions. It’s better to focus on building the Know, Like, Trust factor than to make it a sales pitch. The picture could be a logo or a product picture, if you have it for that particular product or service.
    2. Banners: you can add up to 3 banners to showcase a product or service. Make them visually attractive so they stand out. One banner will suffice in most cases.
    3. Feature Specific Products or Services: you can put up to 5 products and services in the spotlight. You can change them whenever you want.
    4. YouTube: provide a title and a YouTube URL and the video will be shown on the overview page. This is easier than the work-around on your personal LinkedIn Profile. We strongly suggest that you add a video with tips or other information to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor (instead of a commercial).
    5. Adapt to Suit the Profile of the Visitor: if you are expecting different groups of people on your Company Page then you can adapt to each individual group! You can create multiple versions of this page so a marketing assistant from New York will see different products and services from ones offered to a HR manager from South Africa. You do this via “Admin Tools” within Products and Services.

Product or Service page

  1. Category, Name, Picture: use an attractive presentation so people will click through to read the rest.
  2. Description and List of Key Features: use the right words to explain the product and service, and to be found on LinkedIn and on the web.
  3. Promotion (title, URL, description): we suggest that you add a video with tips or other information to build the Know, Like, Trust factor instead of a commercial!
  4. YouTube (title, YouTube URL): the same tip applies, but you can also add product demonstrations, testimonials or other content. Just avoid too blatant sales pitches.
  5. Recommendations: these are different from recommendations for an individual (the latter are shown on your personal LinkedIn Profile). A product or service is a joint effort from everybody working for the same organization so everybody receives the recognition. Also, you do not have to be connected in the first degree to write a recommendation about a product or service, while that is necessary when you recommend a person.

Remember that LinkedIn is a website with a high Page Rank in Google and other search engines. This means that its pages appear on top of the search results.

So make sure your organization benefits as well by creating attractive Products and Services pages on the Company Profile!

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Bert Verdonck
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